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Founded in 2014, our goal is to design and manufacture innovative, functional and targeted Australian pet food.

We are an independent 100% Australian owned pet food manufacturer based in Melbourne.

In 2019 Prime100 took on a whole new look and structure. Primarily, by purpose building a brand new manufacturing plant in Melbourne with all new specialized plant and equipment.

We are a young, dynamic and invested team with a love of animals. We work together to introduce new, innovative and functional products to the Australian market.  This ensures that both Veterinary professionals, and consumers, have truly functional diets that can assist dogs and cats with low to acute food sensitivities. Prime100 is proud to work in partnership with veterinary specialists and scientists from leading Universities and dedicated facilities. Our collaboration with these industry experts from Murdoch University, Melbourne Veterinary Specialist Centre & Western Australia Veterinary Emergency and Speciality (WAVES) ensures our diets continue to evolve with scientific research which meets the needs and standards of pets.

Recent years have proven to be very exciting for the progression of Prime100. Partnering with industry specialists has allowed us to produce an extensive range of Single Protein Diets and treats, our RAW food range and ZeroG range. These diets provide functional and therapeutic options for veterinary specialists to treat numerous indications.

Aerial View Warehouse Pea and Hemp with Salmon Rolls Prime Boxes Fridges

Prime100 RAW 100% Australian Made

Prime100 range

Prime100 is 100% Australian owned and our products are 100% Australian made. 

We have built a reputation as a high quality pet food manufacturer for our two brands – Prime100 and Prime Pantry and we will keep striving to innovate and create premium products for the health of your pets.

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