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Unleash the benefits of SPD™ Air Dried

Our gentle air-drying technique reduces moisture from raw ingredients to achieve these benefits.

Benefits of SPD

Gently air-dried to perfection

Try SPD™ Air Dried for a healthy and convenient alternative to raw feeding. These tasty bites are nutrient-dense and air-dried slowly to keep the essential vitamins and minerals intact. Bonus? They're portable, easy to serve and won't make a mess.

Complete and balanced, these functional diets feature Kangaroo, Duck, Chicken, or Lamb meat proteins and are ideal for pets with food sensitivities.

Functional diets for prime nutrition

Made from targeted ingredients with purpose, SPD™ Air Dried is gently air-dried for maximum nutrition. Delicious and easy to serve with a satisfaction guarantee, these single protein diets are also fantastic treats and meal toppers.

Available in a convenient 600g tin or a 120g and 2.2kg re-sealable bag.

Sausage dog eating treat

The SPD™ Air Dried Process

  • Step 1
    Meat Protein Selection

    We select the finest cuts of meat from a single protein source, then gently mince and blend to ensure the protein, fats and amino acids are balanced in each small batch.

  • Step 2
    Functional Superfoods

    We choose ingredients that are naturally rich in essential antioxidants, fatty acids (EFA), vitamins, minerals, prebiotic fiber, and other vital components. This balance of nutrients helps promote a healthy microbiome in your dog's gut, supporting their overall health.

  • Step 3
    Raw Blending

    Our chilled single-meat protein and superfoods are carefully blended and monitored to create a nutritionally balanced batch, every time.

  • Step 4
    Air-Dried Ingredients

    Our mix of meat and superfood ingredients is gently air-dried at controlled temperatures to slowly reduce moisture content and remove pathogens.

  • Step 5
    Quality Assurance

    Our Quality Assurance team carefully tests, inspects, and evaluates each small batch before packaging to ensure it meets the highest standards.

    The results? Air-dried to perfection!

What pet parents are saying about SPD™ Air Dried

We moved to Prime100 due to our toy cavoodle having sensitive stomach issues.
— Scott Dolby
Best pet food on the market. My dog has bad food allergies but is now happy and scratch free!
— Crag Milverton
I have a very fussy whippet puppy with a sensitive stomach and gets very bored with food. He loves Prime100 and I have never seen him eat so quickly.
— Marissa Minx

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