Single Protein & Complete Diets

Functional Ingredients,
Complete and Balanced.

How we improve your pet's well-being.

What is the difference about Prime100 Diets?

Prime100 carefully selects functional ingredients which provide health promoting benefits. We choose ingredients based on health, nutrition and the benefit of treating certain indications to ensure pet parents are getting the nutritious food they are looking for.

Complete and Balanced

Prime100 meets the standards set by the three nutrition governing bodies i.e. AAFCO (Association of American Feed Control Officials), FEDIAF (Fédération Européenne De L’industrie Des Aliments Pour Animaux Familiers – The European standard) and NRC (National Research Council – Canada).

Single Protein Diets

Why Single Protein Diets (SPD)

Leaders in pet nutrition recommend Single Protein Diets and Limited Ingredient Diets to help eliminate potential allergens. SPD rolls offer a rich single source of protein which can assist dogs with food sensitivities. SPD rolls are considered low allergen due to the animal being exposed to one single protein.


Prime100 choose novel proteins like kangaroo, turkey, lamb, duck, salmon, crocodile and wild boar for their limited antigen properties.

Cross-reactivity in allergic reactions can occur when one protein is similar to another protein. For example, if there is an allergy to chicken, there may also be a reaction to turkey. Cross-reactivity may also result if an animal is fed multiple proteins simultaneously. For example, if the animal is fed a non-reactive or novel protein (e.g. crocodile) along with a reactive protein (e.g. beef/liver treats) an allergic reaction may occur to both proteins.

Protein rotation is really about variety. If consistently fed the same food, some pets may develop an allergy or intolerance to common ingredients (e.g. chicken, beef etc.). Rotation feeding reduces this risk because the ingredients are not present long enough for the animal to develop an adverse reaction. Prime100 aims to mimic the natural diet i.e. one protein present at any one meal.

Human quality ingredients
We only use human quality consumption ingredients. We only accept meat from human consumption facilities that are HACCP approved and auditable. We do not use any knackery meats in our diets.

NATA tested
NATA (National Association of Testing Authorities) is the independent assurance of technical competence through a proven network of best practice industry experts. Prime100 frequently test all rolls with NATA to ensure the strictest quality control measures are taken. This testing offers clients the peace of mind that they are getting all of the ingredients (protein DNA), macro and micro-nutrients as printed in the guaranteed analysis.

Slow Cooked Process

INTRODUCING SPD™ SLOW COOKED. Slow Cooked for flavour.

SPD™ Slow Cooked is a functional, single protein diet crafted with care. Each pack begins with a carefully selected single protein, blended with our ingredients with purpose and monitored to ensure every batch is nutritionally balanced and mixed.
The combined raw ingredients and a flavourful broth are simmered low and slow, reducing pathogens and locking in essential nutrients, natural aroma and delicious flavour.
Each recipe is sealed in a pack that has up to 6 times less impact on the environment than a can.
SPD™ Slow Cooked can be stored in the pantry prior to opening, and is an easy to store and serve, complete and balanced meal.




We select the finest meat from a single protein source before gently blending to ensure the protein, fats and amino acids are balanced.



We source the most functional and nutritious plant matter to create a natural balance of essential antioxidants, fatty acids, vitamins and minerals, postbiotics and other macro and micro nutrients.



The chilled single meat protein and superfoods are carefully blended and monitored to ensure every batch is nutritionally balanced and mixed.



The combined ingredients are simmered low and slow, locking in essential nutrients, and delicious aroma and flavour for your dog. This process reduces the risk of harmful pathogens, creating hygienic and shelf stable nutrients and flavours.



After each batch is complete, our Quality Assurance team tests and inspects the finished packs, ready to be stocked in your pantry for your pup’s next delicious meal.

Air-Dried Process

INTRODUCING SPD™ AIR DRIED. Air Dried to Perfection

Prime100 SPD Air Dried is scientifically formulated, complete and balanced diets consisting of only one meat protein – Kangaroo, Duck, Chicken, Beef or Lamb. A bite sized, air-dried diet that is a nutrient dense, clean, convenient, and portable alternative to a raw diet. High protein and energy dense nutrition suitable for all life stages. Minimal processing means that vitamins and minerals are retained while our functional ingredients are designed to assist dogs with low to acute food sensitivities.



We select the finest cut of meat and selected organs from a single meat protein source, we then gently mince and blend the meat to ensure the protein, fats and amino acids are balanced in each small batch.



We source the most functional and nutritious plant matter to create a natural balance of essential antioxidants, fatty acis (EFA), key vitamins & minerals, prebiotic fibre and other macro & micro nutrients. We ensure dogs health can be assisted in creating healthy microbiome in the gut.



The chilled single meat protein and superfoods are carefully blended and monitored to ensure every batch is nutritionally balanced and mixed.



We gently air-dried the mix of meat and superfood ingredients at controlled temperatures, it is important to slowly reduce the moisture content whilst helping eliminate pathogens.



Once our small batch is air-dried, we then have our Quality Assurance team test, inspect and critique the food before we package our products. The result? Air Dried to Perfection.

Air-Dried for Optimal Nutrition

Our functional, air-dried diets maintain a higher quantity of natural protein, fat, antioxidants, essential amino acids, fatty acids, vitamins, and minerals.

This makes for a complete and balanced meal, nutritious topper for kibble, raw and chilled food, or a tasty treat! Diets are air-dried for optimal nutrition making them super palatable, easy to store and feed.

Available in five single-protein diets in a convenient 600g tin or 2.2kg re-sealable bag.

Benefits of an Air-Dried Diet

The gentle air drying technique reduces moisture from raw ingredients to achieve the following benefits:

Complete and balanced

– the natural ratio of protein to fat and macro to micro-nutrients is retained from the nutrient dense ingredients. All Prime100 Air Dried products meet the nutritional levels established by AAFCO.

Fresh and nutritious

– the functionality of a fresh diet with similar nutritional profile to a raw diet.

Locally sourced

– fresh Australian ingredients with no added hormones.

No fillers

– no added grains or fillers as no expansion is required. Perfect for hypoallergenic formulas.

Energy dense

– ideal for dogs to maintain a healthy weight and body condition.

Highly palatable

– suitable for inappetent and fussy dogs.