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New Look & Improved Recipe of SPD™ Fresh Rolls

Why were the recipes for the SPD™ Fresh Rolls improved?

At Prime100, we are committed to providing high-quality, functional diets for dogs and as science advances, so should our diets. We have made improvements to our SPD™ Fresh Rolls to provide greater digestibility and functionality, whilst meeting the latest nutrient profile standards as set by AAFCO.

Are your SPD™ Fresh Rolls still Single Protein?

Yes, all SPD™ Fresh Rolls are Single Protein Diets.

Has the nutritional content of the SPD™ Fresh Rolls changed?

The nutritional content (Guaranteed Analysis) of our SPD Fresh Rolls has been updated to reflect the improved recipes, plus we have enhanced the SPD™ Fresh Rolls with micro inclusions (Algimun™, Bamboo Fibre, Algae Oil, DHA).

Where can I find the updated ingredient list and nutritional information for the product?

You can find all nutritional information, including ingredients on our website by selecting the product you’d like to know more about and scrolling down to ‘Ingredients’.

This information can also be found on the packaging for each SPD™ Fresh Roll.

Will the SPD™ Fresh Rolls still be okay for my sensitive dog?

Yes - Prime100 SPD™ Fresh Rolls are formulated to assist with the nutritional support for dogs with food sensitivities and gastrointestinal disorders. Improvements to our SPD™ Fresh Rolls are driven by the latest veterinary recommendations such as optimised omega 6:3 ratio, inclusion of soluble fibres, EPA & DHA and validated supplemental ingredients such as Algimun™ to improve functionality. We only use ingredients with purpose, and all our SPD™ Fresh Rolls are limited ingredients diets, making them ideal for sensitive dogs.

Please be assured that our nutritionists ensure that all our recipes are designed for allergy and sensitivity functionality and that all ingredient inclusions additional to the single protein source are suitable for sensitive dogs.

My SPD™ Fresh Roll is softer than usual – is this normal?

The texture of our Prime100 SPD Fresh rolls is a natural result of our commitment to quality. Unlike products that may use gels or gums to firm up quickly, we allow all of our Fresh rolls to firm naturally over 7-10 days in the refrigerator as the tapioca cures. In some cases, when shipped directly after production, you may notice a softer texture.

This is certainly not a cause for concern; instead, it's a clear sign of their freshness. More specifically on our Salmon and Turkey Fresh rolls, as a result of our recent recipe improvements it has positively adjusted the firmness of these rolls due to the increase of salmon and turkey in the rolls.

If, at any time, pet owners, retail partners or clinics have any concerns relating to our products, we encourage them to reach out to our customer care team or their dedicated sales representative. It's important to remember that we stand behind our products with a 100% satisfaction guarantee, covering all aspects, including quality, freshness, and palatability (provided the rolls have not been frozen).

Statement Regarding Online Commentary on Fresh Rolls

We acknowledge the concerns circulating online regarding the safety and quality of our Prime100 Rolls and want to address them transparently. The health and well-being of your pets is our top priority. We want to assure you that we take the safety and quality of Prime100 Rolls seriously, and have stringent pre- and post-production measures, including independent testing. Please rest assured that if there is any indication of an issue, we will take immediate action, providing pet parents with all necessary information.

- Our recipes were adjusted a year ago to meet updated AAFCO standards, adding benefits like DHA, prebiotics, Algimun™, and bamboo fibre for digestive health.
- We've addressed digestive concerns with pet parents, conducted in-depth investigations, and we have identified no patterns or indicators suggesting any health or safety issues associated with our products.

We’d like to highlight that our products are formulated in collaboration with leading pet nutritionists and veterinarians, using only ingredients sourced from the human supply chain. Our commitment to delivering the highest quality remains unwavering, and all Prime100 products undergo stringent quality control measures and testing protocols.

If at any time you are concerned that your pet is unwell or exhibiting any behavioural changes, we strongly recommend seeking guidance from their veterinarian. Should you have any concerns about your pet food, please reach out to the manufacturer.

For any concerns or comments about Prime100, or if you read anything online that concerns you, we want to hear about them, please contact us directly via our Contact Us page or social media.

We are 100% Australian Made and Owned and we stand behind our products with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. Your feedback is invaluable as we continue prioritising the welfare and safety of your pets.

Full Statement: Download PDF

Product Ingredients & Information

What do the Prime100 product names mean?

At Prime100, we have a selection of unique products that have been designed to promote a healthy and balanced diet for your pets. We’ve broken down each of the products and their abbreviations for your quick and easy reference!

SPD™ – SPD stands for Single Protein Diet. Our SPD range offers a range of diets that only contain a single source of protein. This is very important when diagnosing, treating, or preventing indications that are protein related.

a/f200V™ – a/f200V is our allergy support range and stands for Atopic Food. We use an advanced novel protein is a hypoallergenic non-meat-based protein.

SPT™ – SPT stands for Single Protein Treat and is a range of treating or food rewards to assist in training. These treats are an add on to any SPD diet as they consist of only one protein.

Do SPD™ Fresh Rolls contain taurine?

Yes, all SPD™ Fresh Rolls contain all essential amino acids including taurine.

Do SPD™ Fresh Rolls have enough calcium, glucosamine and chondroitin for bone & joint support?

Yes, SPD™ Fresh Rolls contain ground down bones from the same protein. This allows for naturally sourced and absorbed calcium, glucosamine, and chondroitin.

What is Air Dried and how is it different to a kibble?

Prime100 SPD™ Air Dry is scientifically formulated, complete and balanced diets consisting of only one meat protein – Kangaroo, Duck, Chicken or Lamb. We select the finest cut of meat and selected organs then gently mince and blend. We then source and add the most functional and nutritious plant matter to create a natural balance of essential antioxidants, fatty acids (EFA), key vitamins & minerals, prebiotic fibre and other macro & micro nutrients. The chilled single meat protein and superfoods are carefully blended then gently air-dried at controlled temperatures to slowly reduce the moisture content whilst helping eliminate pathogens. After our small batch is air-dried, we then have our Quality Assurance team test, inspect and critique the food before we package our products. The result? Air Dried to Perfection.

SPD™ Air Dry is bite sized, air-dried diet that is a nutrient dense, clean, convenient, and portable alternative to a raw diet. High protein and energy dense nutrition suitable for all life stages suitable as a topper, treat, trainer and complete diet. Minimal processing means that vitamins and minerals are retained while our functional ingredients are designed to assist dogs with low to acute food sensitivities.

Where are your ingredients sourced from?

Prime100 is committed to supporting Australian farmers and primary producers - We source all our raw ingredients from human consumption facilities in Australia and most of these are local to our plant in Melbourne to support our local communities and farmers. We also source home grown Australian Produce to support our local farmers and communities.

Feeding Guide & Information

Are the feeding guidelines on the SPD™ Fresh Rolls exact?

Whilst feeding guidelines can vary based on individual circumstance, our feeding guidelines utilise the certified 2019 FEDIAF nutritional guidelines with nutritional values established by AAFCO. FEDIAF and NRC dog food nutrient profiles.
Some dogs will have higher energy requirements (e.g. working dogs) and will need to be fed more, and some dogs (e.g. overweight dogs or low energy dogs) will need to be fed less – this is a general feeding guide. The marked increments on the packaging are only a guide and may vary during the production process.

To ensure an accurate feeding amount we encourage you to weigh the portion prior to feeding - Please use our free online dog food feeding calculator for a bespoke feeding guide and recommendation across all Prime100 products.

How much should I feed my dog?

Some dogs will have higher energy requirements (e.g. working dogs) and will need to be fed more, and some dogs (e.g. overweight dogs or low energy dogs) will need to be fed less – this is a general feeding guide.
The marked increments on the rolls are only a guide and may vary during the production process. To ensure an accurate feeding amount we encourage you to weigh the portion prior to feeding.

For SPD™ Fresh Rolls:
For an average adult dog – 250-400g per 10kg per day.
For puppies – 400-600g per 10kg per day.

For a bespoke feeding guide across the Prime100 range please use our free online feeding calculator.

Are SPD™ Fresh Rolls suitable for puppies?

Absolutely! Most SPD™ rolls can be fed to puppies as a complete meal. SPD™ Kangaroo & Potato, SPD™ Kangaroo & Pumpkin and A/F™ Pea & Algae rolls do not contain sufficient calories for active/growing puppies and should be supplemented with additional calories.

Are SPD™ Fresh Rolls suitable for cats?

We recommend feeding cats a feline-specific diet. Currently, Prime100 does not have a long-term complete and balanced option tailored for felines. However, we do offer very appealing single protein treats (Nibbles) for feline enjoyment. It's important to prioritize a feline-specific product for their regular nutrition needs.

Product Storage & Shelf Life

How long after opening should a SPD™ roll be kept?

Once open, if refrigerated below 4°C, we recommend using the product within 5-7 days. To ensure freshness, seal the end of the roll with aluminium foil. If the roll is stored in plastic containers or resealable bags exposure to oxygen will reduce the life of the product.

Can SPD™ Fresh Rolls be frozen?

Yes, SPD™ Fresh Rolls can be frozen, and we recommend portioning the roll first to make it easier to thaw. As SPD™ Fresh Rolls are a fresh product, our Satisfaction Guarantee does not cover the product once frozen.

How long does SPD™ Air Dried last once opened?

When stored in cool and dry conditions and sealed correctly, SPD™ Air Dried will last up to 365 days. Once opened it should be consumed within 8 weeks.

General & Specific Health Indicators

Which SPD™ Fresh Rolls is best for a dog’s skin?

All our diets are great for skin. If your dog can tolerate salmon, the SPD™ Salmon & Tapioca roll is the best skin support diet as it is naturally rich in Omega 3 and 6. However all the rolls are designed for optimal dermatological support.

Elimination Diets

What is an elimination diet?

An elimination diet is where a veterinary professional places a dog, or cat, on a ‘novel’ single protein diet such as SPD™ Crocodile & Tapioca for a period of 8-10 weeks (or as directed), if the dogs’ indications have improved, the veterinarian will challenge the dog or cat with another protein to see if a reaction occurs (allergic reaction). After this time, the dog should only have proteins that they do not react to.

My dog is losing weight on an elimination diet, what should I do?

If your dog is losing weight on an elimination diet, you may need to increase the amount being fed. We suggest speaking with your veterinarian to confirm the amounts.

Prime100 Story & Guarantees

What is the difference between Prime100 & Prime Pantry?

Prime Pantry products are a new premium diet for dogs that have a higher standard of nutrition than other brands in the supermarket. Prime100 products are designed to target certain indications in dogs and can help prevent, diagnose and treat those indications, for more information on Prime Pantry click here.

Do SPD™ Fresh Rolls include a guarantee?

Yes, all Prime100 products include our satisfaction guarantee. If you purchase an SPD™ roll and your dog dislikes it, or if there is a problem with the roll, you can return it to the place of purchase for a replacement or a full refund (proof of purchase required). As SPD™ Fresh Rolls are a fresh product, our is void if the product is frozen.

What if my dog doesn't eat the food or it doesn't agree with them?

All Prime100 products include our satisfaction guarantee. If you purchase an SPD™ Fresh Roll and your dog dislikes it, or if there is a problem with the roll, you can return it to the place of purchase for a replacement or a full refund (proof of purchase required). As SPD™ Fresh Rolls are a fresh product, our is void if the product is frozen.

Orders & Shipping

Can I purchase SPD™ Fresh Rolls from you directly?

Unfortunately we are currently unable to offer the purchase of SPD™ Fresh Rolls directly; please use our 'where to buy' tool to find your nearest certified in-store or online retailer.

Do you deliver?

Yes - we offer standard shipping on selected products all across Australia. $9.95 for orders under $39.95 and free shipping for orders over $39.95.

See here for more shipping information.

Can I try a sample for my pet?

We currently offer free samples of our SPD™ Air Dried range which you can request here.

How long before my online order arrives?

Orders placed via the Prime100 are typically fulfilled and shipped within 2-3 business days.
Free Standard Delivery applies for all orders $39.95 and over. A standard delivery fee of $9.95 applies to all orders under $39.95. Expected delivery times vary depending on shipping address and product.

Typical Delivery Timeframes:
VIC: 2 - 3 days from dispatch.
NSW/SA/QLD/TAS: 5 - 7 days from dispatch
WA/NT: 6 - 8 days from dispatch.

^Please note, delivery times are based on courier estimates and may vary depending on your location. Please use your tracking number for an accurate expected delivery time.

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