From a tail-chasing idea to Prime100 reality.

Why we're the final word in pet nutrition.


Revolutionising Pet Health

We're a team of animal lovers, collaborators, and forward-thinkers driven by one goal: making pets' lives as happy and healthy as possible. It's what sparked our ambition to innovate pet nutrition in Australia and partner with veterinary experts to develop low-allergy food.

Our story

How our quest for better pet health began.

  • A Shift in Conversation

    In 2013, we couldn't help but notice that pets worldwide were suffering in silence.

  • Beyond Common Symptoms

    Scratching, itching, belching, and digestive issues are common but not normal, often caused by food-based irritations and allergens.

  • Costly Challenges

    Vets knew the problem well, but often offered expensive, difficult-to-schedule and inconclusive options like prick tests or food-based allergy diagnosis and treatment plans.

  • Impractical Solutions

    Most pet owners couldn't manage these complex approaches as no ready-made solutions were available, and homemade diets were impractical for many busy pet parents.

Where we are today.

We're dedicated to changing the way we nourish our pets. That’s why we team up with industry leading expert dermatologists, vets, and nutritionists to create complete Single Protein Diets (SPD™) that steer clear of severe allergens and dietary red flags, allowing dogs to live their best lives.

Our love for our dogs motivates us, and we're committed to paving the way for brighter tomorrows filled with wagging tails and happy barks.

Our product range

Fresh, natural ingredients are an essential part of a healthy diet for you and your pet too! Prime100 innovates and creates Single Protein Diets (SPD™) with single source of protein which can assist dogs (and cats) with food sensitivities.


Loyal to the animals, people and planet.

We believe that every action we take has an impact beyond ourselves. Our commitment to caring for our furry friends, people and home runs deep. It influences each and every decision we make – from the food we create to the relationships we build.

After all, our home is our pets' home, and they deserve nothing short of the best.

Meet the team

We’re a brand that makes things better. For pet owners – and most importantly, for the companions that bring so much joy to their lives.



Our CEO, Jason, leads from the front and lives by the fact that our pets make life infinitely better. He's the proud owner of a lovable Lagotto Romagnolo named Billy Bob, and a school of fish, named: Flash, Comet, Rocket, and Peachy.



Our fearless founder Tzena has a Bordoodle called Bear and a little tabby cat called Great Tree Smiley Face. Please note that Tzena admits she lost out when it came to naming her feline friend.



Our CFO Phil is a financial wiz and experienced dog owner, having had breeds like Labrador, Maltese/Shih Tzu mix, and Maltalier. Phil now prefers his walks on golf courses, but would adopt a French Bulldog if he had the space and time.



Snowy (or “David” when in the doghouse) is our Sales Director who brings joy to pet parents everywhere. Snowy's Boston Terrier, is a bundle of unpredictability - sometimes affectionate or demanding, but always guaranteed to make you smile.


Global Operations Director

Introducing Michael, or "Big M". He’s the proud owner of a Schnoodle named Hurley, named after Mick's favourite football player. Mick spends his free time catching games and considers himself the "Ted Lasso" of the Prime100 family.


Global marketing director

Simon, SJ, Simmo, whatever you call him – is the tall guy who recently joined the Prime100 family and has already brought an instant gusto to the team and business. Simon is often accompanied by his lovable 3-year-old dog, Scout.