It’s super important to teach your pup or kitten how to behave.

The most effective way to teach them right from wrong is with a reward-based training program. This principle is exactly what it sounds like – rewarding your pet when they behave correctly. We recommend treats as the easiest and most tempting form of reward! Read below a few treat-based tips.

Use small nuggets or nibbles.

If you start training your dog and cat with food, it’s important to keep the portion size under control. It can be easy to go overboard! The last thing you want to do is pack on the pounds. Prime Pantry Cat Nibbles and Prime Pantry Dog Jerky teats come in bite-sized pieces – perfect for training your pet.

If they don’t like it, they won’t do it.

Choose a treat your dog finds tasty. If it’s a low-quality food they’re not too crazy about, it won’t have the same impact and the training will take longer.  The idea with treat based training is to encourage your pets to follow your commands using the treats.

Short training sessions.

We always suggest keeping training sessions short and sweet. Dogs, especially puppies, tend to lose interest and start making mistakes after 10-15 minutes. Learning can be mentally exhausting and it’s better not to drag it on.

Fade the lure.

A popular training technique is to fade the lure. This involves teaching a dog to sit while holding a treat above their head as a lure to complete the action. As soon as your dog follows the command, you can put the treat down and reward them. This method is called fading the lure so eventually they follow the command without a treat!

Use reinforcement, not bribery.

Reinforcement means treating your pet after they have followed a cue and completed an action to say good job! Bribery is dangling something in front of them after they have already refused to do so, as a persuasive tactic.

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