SPD™ Slow Cooked.

The next generation of
Single Protein Diets.

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What is SPD™ Slow Cooked?

SPD™ Slow Cooked is a functional, single protein diet crafted with care. Select ingredients and a flavourful broth simmerred low and slow, packed into a pack that has up to 6 times less impact on the environment than a can. Kept in the pantry for an easy, delicious, complete and balanced meal.

Healthy. Tasty. Fuss-Free.

1. Open
2. Serve
3. Close
4. Store

Healthy Single Protein Diets, slow cooked for flavour. Simple to store and serve, it's convenient for you and irresistible for them. After all, they deserve the best.

The SPD™ Slow Cooked Range is available in 8 flavoured Single Protein Diets.

The benefits of a SPD™ Slow Cooked diet.

The slow cooked process retains moisture from raw ingredients to achieve the following benefits:
Complete & Balanced

fresh Australian sourced ingredients - protein, fruit, vegetables, blended and slow cooked to make a nutritious, complete and balanced diet.

Non-temperature sensitive postbiotics

added for optimum nutrition. This includes vitamins and minerals to benefit the digestive system.

No fillers

no added fillers, perfect for hypoallergenic formulas.

Highly palatable

suitable for inappetent and fussy dogs.

Energy dense

ideal for dogs to maintain a healthy weight and body condition.

Processed low and slow

each batch is carefully simmered to retain maximum nutrition, naturall aroma and delicious taste.

High-quality nutrients

nutritional value is maintained while retaining higher quantities of naturall protein, fat, antioxidants, essential amino acids, fattv acids, vitamins and minerals.

Microbially safe

the cooking process allows for a hygienic and shelf stable meal. Nutrients and flavours are naturally preserved without. artificial preservatives, flavours or colours.

Fresh and nutritious

the functionality of a fresh diet with. similar nutritional profile of a raw diet, very high in single meat protein.

Fresh ingredients

all sourced from HACCP approved facilities and were intended for human consumption.

Multiple uses

carefully designed to be fed as a complete and balanced diet, or can be used as a delicious. topper to existing diets.

The Prime100 SPD™ Slow Cooked process

Creating SPD Slow Cooked is a delicate technique.

Carefully selected proteins and superfoods are combined then simmered to achieve the highest quality, delicious and nutritious, complete and balanced dog food.

We select the finest meat from a single protein source before gently blending to ensure the protein, fats and amino acids are balanced.

Not sure how much to feed? Use our feeding calculator.

Simply head on over to our feeding calculator and enter a few details
about your dog plus the product you’d like to feed, and we’ll provide the recommended amount of feed per day for paramount nutrition and health.

Sustainable Packaging for a Greener Future

At Prime100, we believe that every action we take has an impact beyond ourselves. Our commitment to caring for our pets, and the world around us runs deep and influences each and every decision we make from the food we create, how we source our ingredients, and the packaging we use.

After all, our home is our pet’s home & they deserve the best.

  • Packaging made from 71% plant-based materials
  • 6x less impact on climate change compared to traditional wet food cans