The most wonderful time of the year is upon us, and what better way to celebrate the season than by treating your furry friend to a Christmas they won't forget? From gourmet Slow Cooked meals to enrichment Lick Mats, our curated Christmas Gift Guide will make tails wag this holiday season. 


1. SPD Slow Cooked.

Who wouldn't want a delectable cooked feast during the festive season? SPD Slow Cooked offers conveniently pre-prepared meals that are a breeze to serve, ensuring effortless mealtime for your dog, especially amidst the holiday hustle. Every recipe undergoes a slow cooking process in a flavourful broth, enhancing the taste and preserving essential nutrients. 

Choose from a range of delectable single protein options to suit your pup's taste preferences, and let them indulge in a Christmas meal that's both delicious and nutritionally balanced.

2. Turkey & Flaxseed SPD Fresh Roll and Turkey SPD Prime Cut Treats

Turkey is a Christmas tradition for many of us, so why should our furry friends miss out? Treat your dog to their own turkey feast with our Turkey & Flaxseed SPD Fresh Roll and Turkey SPD Prime Cut Treat

3. Lick Mat.

Designed to entertain, relax and slow down feeding, the Prime100 Lick Mats turn ordinary meals into an enrichment activity. Spread your dog's favourite food on the mat to create a tasty puzzle, encouraging mental stimulation and relaxation. Perfect for keeping your pup happily entertained, especially during visits from friends and family.

 4. Treat Pouch.

For the pet parent on the move, our Treat Pouch is a must-have accessory. Whether you're working on obedience training or enjoying a holiday stroll, keep your pup's favourite treats close at hand. The Prime100 Treat Pouch features a drawstring pouch, adjustable waistband and a convenient poo bag dispenser, making it the perfect companion for training sessions or outdoor adventures.