As pet parents, we all want the best for our furry companions. When it comes to feeding them, one of the biggest decisions we make is deciding what to feed them. Kibble has been the go-to pet food for years, but you may of recently heard about another feeding format called air-dried that’s been becoming more popular with pet parents. 

If you’re confused about the difference between kibble and air dried, don’t worry, we’ve got you. We've analysed their unique qualities and cooking methods to provide you with the facts you need to determine the best option for you and your pet.

Kibble 101

Kibble has been the most popular choice of pet food for years. To make it, ingredients such as meat, veggies, grains and vitamins are mixed together. This mixture is then cooked under high pressure and temperature to create small, dry biscuits that we all recognise as kibble. 

Many pet parents love it because it’s long-lasting and hassle-free, which is especially convenient for busy, on-the-go lifestyles. 

All About Air Dried

On the other paw, there’s an alternative — air dried diets — a nutritious option that's been gaining a lot of attention lately (and for a good reason).  

Air dried diets are high protein diets made by slowly and gently air drying raw ingredients to remove moisture, rather than undergoing a cooking process. One of the main advantages of air drying is that it’s been minimally processed, locking in and retaining more of the original nutritional content of the ingredients. This process also makes air dried generally more palatable than a kibble, thanks to its higher meat content and retained natural aroma and taste. So if you have a fussy eater, air-dried food might be the food option for you.

Plus, this more holistic approach creates diets that are much closer to fresh, whole food and are an excellent alternative to a raw diet. Who wouldn't want their pup to have a cleaner meal filled with the most wholesome and flavoursome healthy nutrients?

Another perk of air drying is that it removes most moisture, making the food lighter and easier to transport yet nutrient dense. So, if you're a pet parent on the go, air dried food is a super convenient option to have in your bag.

The Prime100 SPD Air Dried Process



Air Dried process infographic


A Healthy Alternative

Preserving more nutrients and enzymes throughout the air drying process makes air-dried an excellent alternative for your pet. Air dried food is a more natural diet as it contains all the same ingredients as a raw diet, which is similar to what dogs would have eaten in the wild, and yet the process of gentle and slow air drying means it can be kept under ambient conditions instead of being frozen or refrigerated. 

Our SPD Air Dried diets are crafted using limited ingredients that have been selected for their nutritional and health promoting benefits. This makes it a great option for dogs with food-related sensitivities. So, if you want to keep your pet's sensitive tummy happy, air-dried diets may be the way to go.

Where To From Here?

At Prime100, we believe in high quality, vet-recommended pet food. Our Australian-made SPD™ Air Dried range is crafted with fresh ingredients that are sure to get your dog’s tail wagging.

We also made sure to cater to every dog’s unique taste preferences and dietary requirements with some of the tastiest air dried flavours under the sun. From duck to kangaroo to lamb, your pet is set. Start off with a free sample today.