There is nothing more exciting than bringing a new puppy home! Pets play a very important role in our lives. They are the best buddies for relaxation, humour, fun and learning responsibility. It’s important to start things off on the right foot (or paw).

Before introducing a new pet make sure your home is puppy-proofed! There could be a lot of potential dangers in their path. Try and put yourself in the shoes or on the eye level of your puppy and remove any obstacles. This includes moving chemicals, detergents, plastic bags or tiny choke hazards to a higher location or locked cupboard. After scanning the house ensure there is an area in the living space where your pet can safely get used to their new environment. It’s essential to provide a safe and cosy sleeping spot too – preferably with soft toys and blankets!

In terms of nutrition, make sure you have a balanced diet prepared that is appropriate for your pet’s life stage. Your vet can advise what the best personal option is for your puppy. We recommend our Prime100 Chicken, Lentil & Turmeric Dry Food which is specially formulated for puppies and has added vitamins and minerals.

Let’s talk toilet training – make sure you have plenty of time and patience for this one! The process can take a while. Reward-based positive reinforcement is what makes toilet training successful. Give your dog plenty of opportunities to use the toilet and reward them every time they do their thing in the correct place.

Microchipping and registration are also mandatory checklist items when bringing home a new pet. This gives your new puppy an identity and makes you easily contactable if they get lost. Contact your local council to register and check requirements. Vaccination and desexing are also vital parts of the new puppy process. Puppies are vulnerable to a host of infectious diseases so it’s important to get this done as soon as possible. You can alsp enquire with your vet about flea treatment, worming and other medical essentials.

Last but not least enjoy your puppy’s first night at home! They might be a little overwhelmed or overexcited and need some time to adjust to their surroundings. Keep a close eye on them for the first night and give them a goodnight cuddle so they feel safe happy and secure, starting your new life together!