You may have heard of novel proteins but aren't sure what they are or the benefits are of feeding them. We caught up with Veterinary Dermatologist Dr Fiona Scholz from Veterinary Dermatology Specialists to explore the world of novel proteins and how they can help our sensitive dogs with food allergies. 


So, what are novel proteins? 

Put simply, novel proteins are proteins your dog has not eaten before. They come from less common sources like crocodile or kangaroo. What makes novel proteins so unique is that they have yet to make their way into the pet food market, so you don't see them widely available in everyday commercial pet foods that usually use proteins such as beef and chicken.


The benefits of novel protein diets

Feeding a single protein diet using a novel protein can be an excellent option for pet parents with dogs suffering from food-related allergies and sensitivities.   

When a dog develops a food allergy, their immune system has identified something in their food as harmful, triggering an immune response. The most common trigger is usually a protein found in the food, with the most common proteins being chicken and beef. 

In the veterinary world, veterinarians use novel protein diets to diagnose and treat food allergies in dogs. By using a novel single protein diet, vets can eliminate other protein sources to help them pinpoint the cause of the allergic response. This process is called an elimination diet. 


Finding a novel protein diet

Finding a diet that is both novel and single protein can be tricky, and it's essential pet parents check out the ingredients to ensure the diet doesn't contain any unexpected proteins. It's commonplace in pet food for the label to say 'kangaroo,' but finding chicken or beef in the ingredients when you take a closer look! 

The good news is all Prime100 diets are single protein, and there are novel protein options that are ideal for dogs with food sensitivities.

Some novel protein diet options are:

Crocodile & Tapioca (vet-prescribed only)

Crocodile & Tapioca is an advanced novel protein diet for dogs on elimination diets and food trials. Given its rarity in the pet food market, crocodile meat is one of the most novel proteins for dogs. To ensure that this protein stays novel and supply is available for dogs in need of this advanced novel protein diet, the Crocodile & Tapioca SPD Fresh Roll is available exclusively through veterinary clinics and hospitals. 


Pea & Algae Oil

A non-meat-based diet made specifically for dogs with sensitivities and suspected food-related allergies. This diet is ideal for dogs completing an elimination diet.


Kangaroo & Pumpkin and Kangaroo & Potato

Kangaroo is still not commonly found in many pet foods, making it a novel protein option for dogs. 

 Chocolate Lab eating Prime100 from a bowl in a modern kitchen setting

Say goodbye to food allergies

Feeding a single protein diet is a great option for dog owners looking to give their sensitive pooch a healthier and happier life, free from food allergies. Just remember that if you suspect your dog is suffering from a food-related allergy, it's always best to speak to your veterinarian so they can examine your dog and resolve any existing infections. 


This blog was written by Prime100 in collaboration and consultation with Dr Fiona Scholz, Veterinary Dermatologist.