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This new cooked food range is an absolute must and new staple for us, very happy customer and very happy spaniel 😊
— Joanne, Oct 2023
Duke just loved it so much I’ve been and got more from PETstock and will be getting more from now on!
— Kathleen Van Padua, Nov 2023
I tried Prime100 for my dog's sensitive stomach and and it worked wonders. He hasn't had any issues since we switched.
— Ash J, Jan 2023

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Consumer & Customer Reviews

As soon as I opened the package Milly jumped up near the bench and started sniffing and eating she's never done that before she absolutely loves it.
Will be going to Petbarn to get some more.
— Debbie, Nov 2023
[The] Crocodile meat has helped my 14 year old Westie's diet in settling her severe skin allergies and ear infections.

I high recommend Prime100 products for your pets.
— Georgina K, Jul 2020
Our little Cavalier Bichon cross loves this. We feed her the salmon roll normally so she gets this as a treat between each roll.

She devours it quickly and licks the bowl.
— Anthony T, Nov 2023
November 2021 started feeding my toy poodle the Kangaroo and Pumpkin roll after Pancreatitis diagnosis. Made a huge difference.
She actually enjoys her food now instead of being afraid to eat.
— Marg Y, Mar 2023

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Great Australian Product!

You have won our dogs hearts Prime 100 ❤️ There has been no hesitations.
— Louise M, Mar 2023
My fussy dog only eats this brand.

After lots of hits and trial, my dog eats this flavour consistently.
— Sinha, May 2023
Less itchy!
We recently switched our dog from kibble to salmon rolls and have noticed an improvement in her coat and less itching.
— David W, Jun 2022
Good for training.

We use Prime's turkey jerky as training treats which our dog seems to like!
— Ellie M, Jul 2022

SPD™ Slow Cooked
Free Sample.

SPD™ Slow Cooked is a functional, single protein diet crafted with care. Select ingredients and a flavourful broth simmered low and slow, packed into a pack that has up to 6 times less impact on the environment than a can. Kept in the pantry for an easy, delicious, complete and balanced meal.

SPD™ Air Dried
Free Sample.

Gently air-dried to perfection, try SPD™ Air Dried for a healthy and convenient alternative to raw feeding. These tasty bites are nutrient-dense and air-dried slowly to keep the essential vitamins and minerals intact. Bonus? They're portable, easy to serve and won't make a mess.

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So doggone good!

Oh my dog! My two kelpie heeler rescue dogs devoured the free sample smacking their lips, so I had to keep buying it. It smells so delicious. I’m tempted to eat it and I’m a vegetarian. It has a long life, it comes out fresh and you can see the quality and the flavour by the dogs reaction. I love The handy little sealed boxes easy to store an easy to take away when travelling. They are so popular. I won’t buy anything else now or my dogs will go on strike!
— Sharon M, Dec 2023
Fussy dog approved.

I’ve got a 11 month old Toy Cavoodle who is very very fussy!!! He will eat kibble but will definitely choose our (human cooked food) instead and won’t go near anything else. I’ve started giving him prime100 rolls and he’s obsessed!!! This is the only food he will run to, which is a big shock for me as I’ve spent soooo much money on expensive supermarket foods. He loves every single flavour!
Highly recommend Prime100 for any pet.
— Daniela, Oct 2023
Game Changer.

Putting our Frenchie on the crocodile and tapioca roll has been a complete game changer. He has suffered from upset stomachs consistently leading to discomfort and also difficulty putting on weight. This diet was truly like someone turned off a switch and almost overnight his bowels firmed up and he’s now a healthy weight. Truly don’t hesitate to try it - you won’t regret it. Just need Prime100 now to bring out a crocodile jerky so we can have a treat food!
— Joleene D, Jul 2023
Life-saving food!

My 9 year old Italian Greyhound nearly died twice due to the severity of his undiagnosed inflammatory bowel disease. After only 3 weeks on Prime100 kangaroo and pumpkin rolls (recommended by the vet who diagnosed IBD) he was stable and well for the first time in many years. My dog absolutely loves his meal times. I am so happy his weight and general health are stable now. I highly recommend this food to anyone who has a dog with IBD or food sensitivities.
— Dee, Apr 2023