Dog Food Lick Mat

Prime100 Lick Mat

Dog Food Lick Mat
Prime100 Lick Mat

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Only available online at | Make every meal an enrichment experience with the Prime100 Lick Mat, a perfect feeding accessory to our SPD™ Slow Cooked and SPD™ Fresh Roll ranges. Specifically crafted to enhance your dog's dining experience, this mat introduces textures that can help alleviate anxiety, encourage slow feeding, and provide entertainment.


Non-Slip Design with Suction Cup Backing:

Say goodbye to slipping and sliding! Our lick mat features a secure non-slip design with a suction cup backing, ensuring stability during mealtime or even as a bath time distraction.


BPA-Free and Microwave Safe:

BPA-free and microwave-friendly, allowing you to get creative with warm treats or warm up your dog's favourite spread for added appeal.


Key Features:

  • Non-slip design with suction cup backing
  • BPA-free for your dog's well-being
  • Dishwasher safe for quick and easy cleaning
  • Microwave safe for versatile treat options


Suitable for All Sizes and Breeds:

Designed with every dog in mind, the Prime100 Enrichment Lick Mat is suitable for dogs of all sizes and breeds. However, please note that it is not a chew toy, so always supervise your furry friend during use.

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