In Sydney, Dr. Audrey makes a house call to Tink, a Boston Terrier recovering from an emergency vet visit caused by severe vomiting and an inflamed stomach.

Watch as Dr. Audrey assesses Tink's condition and considers a change of diet as the solution to Tink's troubles.



About the product:

Prime100 SPD™ Air Dried Chicken & Brown Rice is a recipe developed by science and crafted with fresh Australian ingredients. Gently air-dried to lock in essential nutrients, and for naturally enhanced palatability and aroma.

Available in 120g, 600g & 2.2kg - A complete and balanced, single protein diet made from Australian chicken and brown rice. Chicken provides a species appropriate protein, glucosamine, calcium and essential amino acids.

Brown rice contains natural fibre and antioxidants that can assist the dog’s digestive system and functioning of the cardiovascular system. Natural occurring manganese helps the body synthesize fats and also benefits the nervous and reproductive systems. Natural prebiotics and added postbiotics will provide functional gastro-intestinal support and promotes healthy microbiome in the gut.

Air Dried to Perfection. 100% Australian Made & Owned. 100% Satisfaction Guarantee*

This hypoallergenic & elimination diet may assist with diagnosing, supporting & treating indications such as:
✔ Immunity
✔ Joint Support
✔ Cognitive Health
✔ Skin & Coat Health
✔ GI Health:
    ‣ Complete Health
    ‣ Total Wellbeing & Healthy Development

✔ Gut & Weight Health:
    ‣ Digestive Health
    ‣ Sensitive Stomach
    ‣ Food Aversion [Anorexia]
    ‣ Cachexia [Extreme Weight Loss]
    ‣ Bowel Disease