Lentil | Turmeric


80%+ of protein derived from Australian Chicken Meat. Chicken is an excellent source of highly digestible lean protein and essential amino acids.

Prime100 SPD™ ZeroG™ Chicken, Lentil & Turmeric is a specially formulated dry dog food, featuring a single meat protein – Chicken – with added herbs, vegetables, vitamins and minerals. Each ZeroG™ product features:

Prime100 worked with leading specialists to ensure that the ZeroG™ innovation is scientifically proven to provide targeted benefits to dogs with certain indications – including dermatitis, diabetes, food aversion, and IBD – that most other dry foods cannot alleviate. Learn more (PDF)…

Available in 2.2kg.

Palatability Guarantee

All Prime100 ZeroG™ Single Protein Diet products include our Palatability Guarantee.
Conditions apply. Only available in pet specialty stores and veterinary clinics.

All ZeroG™ products are completely natural, free of artificial food colouring, additives and preservatives.

Ingredients: Chicken meal, lentils, sweet potato, chick peas, tapioca starch, field peas, chicken oil, hydrolysed chicken liver, sunflower oil, linseed oil, fish oil, sugar beet pulp, sodium hexametaphosphate, choline chloride, essential vitamins and minerals (including chelated minerals), algal DHA, turmeric, fruit & vegetable extracts including blueberries, FOS, MOS, glucosamine, chondroitin, yucca, carnitine.

AAFCO Statement: Prime100 Canine Puppy Chicken Lentil and Turmeric is formulated to meet the nutritional levels established by AAFCO for dog food nutrient profiles for dogs of all ages.

Guaranteed analysis: Dry Matter Basis (DM)
Protein 35% (min) Fat 16% (min) Fibre 4% (max) Calcium 1% (min)
Phosphorus 0.8% (min) Ca:P ratio 1.0: 1.0 (min)
Omega-6 (including Linoleic Acid): 2.0% (min)
Omega-3 (including Linolenic Acid): 0.5% (min)
Moisture 10% (max) Metabolisable Energy: 410 kcal/100g as fed