Fresh, natural, ingredients

...with added vitamins for the health of your dog.

Single Protein Diet

For adult dogs and puppies. A rich single source of protein which can assist dogs with food sensitivities.

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Single Protein Diet

A complete balanced meal made from Biologically Appropriate Raw Food, natural ingredients, and a single meat protein source.

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Single Protein Treat

For dogs and cats. A single source of an advanced novel protein, made from all Australian ingredients.

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Prime100 Range

Fresh or frozen, with the very best choice cuts of quality 100% beef, 100% chicken and 100% kangaroo. 100% grain free and gluten free…

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Bailey, our very loved 12 year old Golden Retriever, was diagnosed with pancreatitis five months ago…

Our pet store recommended Prime 100 Crocodile and Tapioca dog roll to address her immediate health needs as well as her skin problems.

Within a month, Bailey’s shedding had minimised, her fur condition had improved and she had no further attacks of pancreatitis.

After five months, Bailey’s well being is noticeably better – at daycare, where she is the oldest dog, she is content, more playful and much more patient with even the youngest pups.

Thanks Prime 100. You’ve saved our lovely old girl and given her a new, if gentle, lease on life.

— Leigh Hillman